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Good but needs more

Add a new half of the map, and some new trucks

Very nice

Nice game it would be nice to the model of vechile Ad a durmax and gmc dodge and a ford and cars and improve the graphics we should be able to go into the house and ride the anmails and install flatbeds and rims and turbos a mod grage

Love it

Pls add these changes. Add more fields more grain bins with old grain trucks add a town with a gas station long roads with cars and trucks fields big that take a while to harvest and last make it where you can hire workers. All of this Im next update pls

Little stuff

Updating the graphics and better steering would be nice, better saving mine wont save right now and you should add some more little stuff like a person or having a hired hand add animals so you can see them like actual cows

Please READ

I LOVE the game but it needs more trucks like flat bed trucks. N also add places you can go to like a fair or other farms you own. A truck dealership or tractor dealership would be nice, other than the one that there is now. More houses you can buy kind of like mansions or something. And please please please can we have somewhere we can hunt.


Really great game but I still have tires going into the ground after update

Add more

This game is awesome and all but please add some pulling tractors and some sleds so you can. And please add some more pickup trucks and add some more to the map.

Please add

This is the best game there is on the App Store and it would be better to make it where we can pick cotton go in the cow fields get more tractors make it more land and have dirt roads make it where we can have workers that can helps us and tell them what to please make it where we can do all of this


GREAT game!!! I would sooo like to see in cab views for ALL vehicles. And more trucks and give us some more land to explore. Such as perhaps rock climbing trails and mud trails. Just exploration throughout the forest. That would be extremely fun. Thanks...

Farming USA

I love this game but you need to add more such as old tractors John Deere ,international Add a grain auger that you can pull behind your vehicle also it should have a swing able hopper on it you need more land big fields auto steer

So So

I have been playing this game for appx. 1 month and I really wanted to like it. So lets start with the positives: first if you like a game that is consistent and doesnt throw you a curve ball, then this game is for you. Second it has some cool equipment you can buy. Third it is fun for the first couple of weeks. Fourth is the support. I wrote the help desk and they resolved my issues immediately. Now the negatives:Get used to bugs. There was corn stalks that just wouldnt be cut by a combine, there were pieces of ground that just wouldnt grow anything. Buying bigger reactors doesnt do anything for you. I bought bigger planters and discs and my beginning tractor pulled them faster than the bigger ones. If you spend $150,000 on a JD trac then you should be able to pull implements quicker. The only thing the big tractors do is burn fuel quicker. It would be nice if you could do more than one thing at a time, or hire an employee who might be able to do mundane things. Some parts are unrealistic, if I run over a tree with a tractor, it should be flattened on the ground and not still standing. Some items always tilt because the wheels are magically stuck in the ground. You cant buy new ground and are stuck with the 5 fields they give you. The pickup steering wheel turns the wrong way when you turn and the list goes on and on. Having said all this, if you want a game that lets you grow plants and do some basic stuff then this is for you.

Need update I have had this game for a long time it needs a update

1.add more tractors 2.add more trucks 3.add more land 4.add seasons 5.add mud 6.add a jeep 7.add a monster truck 8.campers 9needs to be updated more often please

Love it but need more stuff!!!

The game is great been playing it for a few years and the trucks have gotten old I would like it if they could be more realistic and maybe an in a few more Duramaxs and maybe you could customize them favorite truck is that Duramax I love it but all of your vehicles look fake I would also like if you could put programmers in the trucks and put rims on them and add on flatbeds and another cool feature to add to your game would be to go into the house keep on doing what you do you love the game

Good game

This is a dang good game. I am a farmer in real life so this is pretty accurate. There are some bugs but the quality of the game erases that. Good work Bowen games LLC Would love to see Allis Chalmers, AGCO, and Gleaner equipment

Do it!

Have auto steer for the first thing. Have a John Deere 36 row planter. Have a bigger bin set. Have it so you can go in the house. Have better looking rims, with bolts in the center. Have John Deere field cultivators. Have way bigger fields. Have other people farming when you are in other fields. Still make it how you dont have to buy the fields. Elevators to haul crops out of bins.more trucks,more pickups,John Deere s series combines. John Deere tractor with duals(four wheel drive)make it so you have to get out of the tractor to hook up implement.

Needs improvements

Need major improvements to the steering and the angling of the cameras. Need to have the seeds last longer when seeding. Needs a map to show where everything is. Thats all I can think off of my head. Its not worth the price you pay


This game is like john deere drive green, its a lot of fun. Thanks for making another great farming game.

Need more land

The game is good but you need to put more land in and make the seeds grow slower and make more place to sell grain and add a map.


This game is a great game if there was auto steer or you could hire people to drive, more fields and a air drill it would be by far 5 stars and a blue track tractor would be great

Stupid glitch

I was enjoying this game and doing good on it until I spent all my money on a new combine after I sold my old one and then the next time I went on I had no combine or money DO NOT BUY THIS GAME

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